Stella Earrings

Stella Earrings

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Stella - Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings

All of these earrings are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and custom made-to-order, so you can choose any color combination for your earring purchase!
*The brass pieces will always stay the same.

Because each earring is handmade-to-order, there may be slight differences from what you see in the picture. If you have any concerns regarding your order, please reach out!

To prolong the life of your earrings, avoid direct contact with water, oils, lotions, perfumes, and makeup.
If you do get makeup on the clay portion of your earrings, you can use a soft cotton pad or q-tip dipped in acetone to gently wipe the earring surface.
If you notice your brass piece beginning to tarnish, you can use a soft cloth and a smidge of ketchup to clean and shine the brass piece! It may sound weird, but it works really well! Just make sure not to get the ketchup on the clay pieces.