Mommy-to-Be Gift Set

Mommy-to-Be Gift Set

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Use these naturally skin and mood soothing body products to keep stretch marks and itchy growing skin away and keep mommie-to-be mellow!

Our scrub is different than other oily scrubs on the market because we blend food grade pink Himalayan sea salts with our incredibly nourishing and healing avocado-mango butter. You get amazingly soft healthy skin and are left moisturized and protected skin!

Our avocado-mango body oil is made with no water or fillers of any kind. infused with our ultra-nourishing avocado-mango butter, our head to toe moisturizer will make you say goodbye to your old watered down lotions and hello to moisturizing, regenerating and healing on a whole new level.

Our avocado-mango body butter is the ultimate healing balm. Made with nothing but avocado and mango butter this butter heals and nourishes like nothing you have ever used before. Stretch marks don't have a chance if you use this butter daily. (also amazing for healing your heels or any hard to treat dry skin conditions!)

I can't see my feet soak is a much deserved treat for your tired and swollen feet. Use our butter after to complete the experience!