Kiddo Dry Skin Eraser

Kiddo Dry Skin Eraser

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You love our kiddo dry skin eraser so much you wish it was bigger?

We’ve heard your requests and are so excited to make your dreams come true!

Our easy to take with you anywhere, use on all of your dry chapped or irritated skin areas, fan favorite skin soothing and moisturizing stick now comes in a bigger size!

Made especially for the kiddos, we know this is a favorite for every age.

Our special blend of avocado-mango butter infused with organic calendula nourishes and moisturizes baby’s dry skin, all while our custom crafted aromatherapy blend keeps kiddos mellow.

What makes kiddo mellow?
There is no need to worry. Our kiddo line is made of baby-friendly all natural ingredients and essential oils. all kiddo products are specially formulated to nurture your little one and to make them (and therefore you!) oh so mellow.